Specialising in audio visual

What is AV?

Audio visual, or AV for short, could be described as the presentation of a series of images with an accompanying soundtrack. However this gives no clue that the skilful combination of the two can produce something much more powerful than its parts. Nor does it give any indication of the variety of styles that are possible.


At its simplest, an AV can be a set of photos combined with a suitable piece of music. Even at this level sympathetic harmony with the music can create a moving effect.

The next step may be illustrating a poem or song where the choice of image is dictated by the words.

Documentary type AVs are very popular, particularly in Britain. Initially the subject may be the last holiday, but many people go on to tackle a range of historical and biographical topics. These often needs considerable research and require images taken specifically for the AV, which invariably gives a better result.

Then there are the humorous AVs, unfortunately fairly rare, and those that don’t fall in to any simple classification but just convey a clear message through sound and vision.


Have a look at some of the AVs made by members of the YPI Camera Club or follow one of the links in the AV sequence download section of the Links page to see what others are doing.

If you want to see some of the AVs produced by the leading exponents of the art, then you will be welcome to attend any of the national or even international competitions that are held throughout the year. Dates and information for these is on the AV News website. Audience members are always welcome whether or not they have an AV in competition.

How is it done?

The AV technology page describes the equipment used to produce AVs both in the past and today. The good news is that with modern digital equipment and software it is easier than ever for anyone to make an AV.

The Royal Photographic Society recognises AV as a specialised branch of photography and has an Audio Visual Group. This produces the quarterly magazine “AV News”, organises national and international AV festivals and awards distinctions in ‘Multimedia’.

If you’ve had a look at some AVs and like what you see and want to try for yourself, then think about contacting one of the many AV groups throughout the country. Obviously if you live in the Hull area then get in touch with us! Otherwise the AV News website has a links page with details of many others.