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Competitions is a slightly misleading title as we only have one true competition, the Annual AV Competition which is described below.

During the rest of the season there are other activities, which we prefer to call projects, where members are encouraged to produce an AV on a particular subject or using a particular technique. The entries are shown on a club night and discussed, but not formally judged.

This year we again have quite a lot of projects, as members felt that having a topic set for them encouraged them to produce something. However their is no compulsion to stick to the given topic and AVs based on members own ideas will be very welcome on the club night.

We have one old favourite – produce an AV based on a song or poem – and a fairly open topic, an AV based on pictures taken during the summer. There is a project to encourage members to use recorded commentary in an AV, rather than text captions, and an opportunity to try a bit of humour in a project entitled "Domestic Disaster".

In the area of new techniques we are going to try our hand at incorporating the increasingly popular time-lapse photography in an AV and again make an AV incorporating video.

See the programme page for further details. For members of the club, there is additional information on the projects page.

Annual AV Competition

This is our only real competition and is held near the end of the season. There is no restriction on subject and we try to find a judge from outside the club. The full rules of the competition are shown below.

Results for 2015

The 2015 annual AV competition was judged by Richard Bentley from Brooklands Photographic Society.

  • First place: Andrew Chadwick with "City Lights"
  • Second place: Peter Richardson with "All Things Bright and Beautiful"
  • Third place: Andrew Hersom with "Royal Yacht Britannia"

Results for 2016

The 2016 annual AV competition was judged by Graham Marshall LBIPP.

  • First place: Andrew Chadwick with "The Trees"
  • Second place: Colin Hill with "1940's People"
  • Third place: Tony Roach with "Hull Pride"

Results for 2017

There were thirteen entries in the 2017 annual AV competition. The judge was Richard Bentley.

  • First place: Andrew Hersom with "Medieval Musicians in Beverley Minster"
  • Second place: Andrew Chadwick with "Abandoned"
  • Third place: Dave Walker with "Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines"

Results for 2018

There were fourteen entries in the 2018 annual AV competition. The judge was Alan Tyrer from Cleethorpes Camera Club.

  • First place: Peter Richardson with "Reliving the Spirit of the 1940s"
  • Second place: Andrew Chadwick with "Uncovering the Past"
  • Third place: Tony Roach with "Home"

Results for 2019

There were thirteen entries in the 2019 annual AV competition. The judge was David Thompson from Cleethorpes Camera Club.

  • First place: Ken Barker with "British Birds"
  • Second place: Tony Roach with "Hull Fair 1278-2016"
  • Third place: Denis Trezise with "Hull Minster"

Annual AV Competition rules

  1. The competition is open to all paid-up members of the YPI Camera Club.
  2. The competition will be judged by a photographer, preferably with some experience of AV, who is not a member of the club. The judge will be announced no later than four weeks in advance of the competition. The decision of the judge will be final and binding.
  3. In the event that the appointed judge is unavailable, the competition will be judged by a member of the club who has entered no AVs.
  4. Each entrant can submit up to two AVs on any subject.
  5. The maximum duration of each AV will be 12 minutes. If the total time to show all entries would be longer than 90 minutes, entrants who have submitted two AVs will be asked to select only one of their entries.
  6. AVs must not have been previously entered in this competition. However if the AV has been significantly altered since the last entry, this will not apply. A list of past entries can be downloaded from the Documents page in the Members area of the website.
  7. AVs must be the work of the entrant insofar as any decisions as to the appearance and content. However it is not necessary for the entrant to have created all of the audio or visual content.  For example images taken by others or commentaries voiced by others are permitted.
  8. The entrant is responsible for ensuring that any content not created by them does not infringe copyright.
  9. There is no restriction on the resolution or aspect ratio of AVs. However they will be shown using the club’s projector which has a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels and an aspect ratio of 4:3. If the aspect ratio of the AV is other than 4:3, entrants should confirm that the projector area outside the image area will be the desired colour, normally black.
  10. AVs should not require other software to run and should be self-starting, returning to the desktop at the end without requiring intervention. The mouse cursor and navigation bar should be hidden during the AV.
  11. AVs should preferably be uploaded to the website a week before the competition. Otherwise they must be submitted immediately prior to the competition. They will be copied to the hard drive for projection then deleted after the competition.
  12. Three trophies will be awarded as follows:
    First place:YPICC Audio Visual Trophy
    Second place:Wilson Cup
    Third place:Sylvia Walker Memorial Tray
  13. The judge will decide, in their opinion, which are the best five AVs, and rank them in order.  First place will be awarded to the entrant with the highest-ranked AV, second place to the next and so on. However, once an entrant has been awarded a place, any lower-ranked AVs by that entrant will be ignored when deciding further places.  This ensures that no entrant is awarded more than one trophy.
  14. The judge will be invited to comment on all AVs and commend any AVs that have particular merit.
  15. Award winners are entitled to keep their trophy for a year, but must return it at the meeting before the next Annual AV Competition.

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