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Programme 2019

Unless otherwise stated, all meetings are held from 7:30 pm to 9:15 pm at the Darby and Joan Hall, Cottingham.

We are continuing to suggest subjects for AVs this year as quite a few members have said that this encourages them to produce something. If you don't fancy the set subject, make an AV on a topic of your choice and bring that along, even if you haven't quite finished it. There are further details about some of the set subjects on the projects page accessible to members only.

In addition to the main topic of each meeting, there will be an opportunity for discussing any technical problems. If you can contact Andrew Chadwick or Andrew Hersom in advance this will help them prepare. There will also be some technical talks on matters relating to some of the set subjects or on areas raised by members in the past. These will be fitted in where time is available.


Monday 14th January Chairman: Andrew Hersom
Sequence exchange with Lincolnshire Photographic Association AV Group. We will view and comment on a selection of their sequences.
Monday 11th February Chairman: Andrew Chadwick
A short talk by member Dave Walker on how he uses Lightroom to manipulate images. Show an AV inspired by family photographs or family history.
Monday 11th March Chairman: Dave Walker
A talk by Brian Gromett of Cleethorpes Camera Club entitled "My AVs".
Monday 18th March Annual general meeting and discussion of the Club's future.
7:30 pm at Denis Trezise's house.
Sunday 7th April RPS AV day. The morning session is devoted to attendee's sequences which the audience is invited to comment on. The afternoon is taken up with a presentation by guest speaker Alan Tyrer ARPS DPAGB/AV of Cleethorpes Camera Club. He and his wife Bev have been to the club to give us a show and judge our annual competition.
10:30 am at Leeds Trinity University, Horsforth, Leeds, LS18 5HD.
Monday 8th April Chairman: Ken Barker
Annual AV competition judged by Dave Thompson of Cleethorpes Camera Club. Enter up to two AVs. See the competitions page for the rules in full. If you can't remember what you entered last year, there is a list on the documents page.
Monday 15th April An AV show presented by Peter Richardson and Dave Walker for members of Cleethorpes Camera Club.
10:00 am at Cleethorpes Camera Club clubhouse.
Monday 13th May Chairman: Colin Hill
Show an AV with a commentary. This could be an existing AV where you have replaced text captions with an audio commentary. See the projects page for more information.
Monday 10th June Chairman: Peter Richardson
Show an AV based on a poem or song. A perennial favourite! See the projects page for some tips.
Monday 8th July Chairman: Denis Trezise
Show an AV based on the subject of weather. There should be plenty of variety to choose from in this country.
Monday 12th August Chairman: Denis Gregory
Show an AV prompted by looking at things in a different way, either from very close up or from a different angle. Remember that party game where you had to recognise unusual views of household objects?
Monday 9th September Chairman: Andrew Chadwick
Discussion of the organisation of our public show and selection of the AVs to be included. Bring some of your recent AVs for consideration. We will also discuss the programme for 2020.
Monday 14th October Chairman: Tony Roach
Show an AV based on the subject "People".
Monday 11th November Chairman: Derek James
Show an AV using images from a sporting event.
Tuesday 3rd December An AV show By YPICC for members of Brooklands Photographic Society.
7:30 pm at Sutton Methodist Church Hall.
Monday 9th December Chairman: Andrew Hersom
"Is it Art?" That's the question. Show an AV that provides the answer.

Download the programme as a pdf. Note that this is only updated periodically so may not contain all the latest events shown above.

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