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A selection of AVs produced by the Club and individual members. Please contact us with any comments as the makers are always interested in your views.

The AVs may be viewed on any Windows PC without installing additional software. Click the download icon or the image, and save the zip file to your hard drive. Unzip then find and run the exe file. If there is only an exe file, this is the viewer and AV combined. If there is an exe file and a ptshow file the exe file is the Windows certified viewer and the ptshow file contains the AV. These files must be kept in the same folder.

AVs produced by YPI Camera Club

Aspects of Hull

Aspects of Hull was produced by members of the YPI Camera Club to celebrate Hull’s award of UK City of Culture 2017. It consists of a series of eight short audio-visual sequences depicting different aspects of Hull’s culture and heritage. Each one was produced by a different member of the club. The sequences were then combined and the voice-overs were re-recorded using a single narrator.

The AV can also be viewed on YouTube. The quality of the AV depends on your system and connection. Click Settings | Quality at the bottom right to make sure you are viewing it at its best.

Sequence image

AVs produced by Andrew Chadwick

The Trees

The AV was originally a straightforward illustration of the poem The Trees by Philip Larkin. I initially thought of adding some background information in the closing credits but then decided that I could create an initial section that led into the recital. When writing the commentary I concentrated on the idea that much of Larkin's poetry was inspired by his everyday surroundings and for a large part of his life those surroundings were Hull. I decided against background music, choosing instead to use ambient sound.

Sequence image

Yokohama by Night

Yokohama by Night is a short sequence using images taken in the Minato Mirai 21 area of Yokohama. Brightly lit modern buildings reflected in the water of Yokohama Bay provide the ideal environment for night photography. Dominating the skyline is the Yokohama Landmark Tower which at 298m was the tallest building in Japan at the time. The views over Yokohama were taken from the observation platform on the 69th floor. The other eye-catching element is the constantly changing colours of the giant ferris wheel in the Cosmo World amusement park.

Sequence image

AVs produced by Peter Richardson

Beth Shalom

Beth Shalom (meaning House of Peace) is a holocaust memorial centre and museum in Nottinghamshire. Its aims are to promote an understanding of the roots of discrimination and prejudice, and the development of ethical values, leading to a greater understanding within society.

Sequence image

Logan Botanic Garden

Logan Botanic Garden is located at the south-western tip of Scotland near Port Logan in Dumfries and Galloway. Warmed by the Gulf Stream, southern hemisphere plants flourish in this plantsman’s paradise, the country’s most exotic garden.

Sequence image

AVs produced by Ken Barker

Rowley Church Window

The window is in St Peter's Church in Rowley, a hamlet about 9 miles from Hull. In 1638 the rector of Rowley, Rev Ezekiel Rogers, became disenchanted with the English church and turned to Puritanism. He was suspended by Archbishop Laud, and responded by gathering together a flock of some 30 families from the area, and taking ship with them to Massachusetts in America, where he founded a new village called Rowley. In 1994 the American Rowley donated a stained glass window in honour of Rogers and his flock.

Sequence image

Driffield Steam Fair

To give it its full title, the Driffield Steam and Vintage Rally is an annual event which attracts enthusiasts for steam traction engines or any sort of vintage vehicles or machinery. The AV catches the atmosphere of this popular day out.

Sequence image

AVs produced by Colin Hill

Renovating 1940s Photos

This AV shows the results of renovating a collection of photos of people taken during the Second World War. The author's technique seems surprisingly successful. Or is it too good to be true?

Sequence image

St Helens, Kilnwick Percy

St Helens Church is a Grade II listed building which stands in the grounds of Kilnwick Percy Hall near Pocklington in East Yorkshire. Sadly it is no longer used and is in a poor state of repair and this gives the AV a very poignant atmosphere.

Sequence image

AVs produced by Dave Walker

Summer 2017

This AV was an attempt to show holiday photographs in a different way. It demonstrates some of the great variety of animation effects that can be achieved with Pictures to Exe, the application that most members use to create their AVs. See the AV Technology page for details.

Sequence image

Jigsaw No. 2

Another attempt at creating an AV using only one picture. The trick is to get the individual pieces to move exactly into place. Being in the YPI Camera Club does give you the incentive to try different things and get advice from other members.

Sequence image